Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder
Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder
Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder

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Specification of Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder

Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder

Polyvinyl Alcohol is a chemical polymer of vinyl alcohol, but has many other names. Among them:

PVOH; Poly (Ethenol), Ethenol, homopolymer; PVA; Polyviol; Vinol; Alvyl; Alkotex; Covol; Gelvatol; Lemol; Mowiol; Kuraray Poval, Mowiflex, Alcotex, Elvanol, Gelvatol, Gohsenol, Lemol, Mowiol, Nelfilcon A, Polyviol und Rhodovio

Polyvinyl alcohol has many benefits:

  • Glue Paper if added with boric acid
  • Thickener and modifier in polyvinyl acetate glue
  • Textile industry additives
  • Paper Coating
  • For packaging detergent
  • biodegradable sanitary napkin products
  • CO2 protection in PET bottles
  • As a film in the process of water transfer process
  • One of the raw materials for Slime (make slime see here)
  • Used in which drops and contact lens rinsing solution
  • The raw material of polyninyl nitrate
  • As a surfactant for the formation of a polymer
  • Used as a protective agent in chemical gloves (like our product here)
  • If combined with Iodine, can be used for light polarization
  • as an ingredient in 3d printing